Pestell Lab 


  • The Pestell laboratory was the first to demonstrate that specific target genes determine epithelial cancer stem cells (CSC) number using transgenic or inducible inactivation mice, including Akt1(1), NFkB(2), cyclin D1(3), p21CIP1(4), c-Jun(5), and Dach1(6).
  • The Pestell laboratory defined distinct roles for cyclin D1 in polarity vs stem cell function(7).
  • Using a ponasterone-regulated IkB super-repressor, our laboratory was the first to show that NFkB governs both the onset and progression of ErbB2 mammary tumorigenesis and this functions in part through the expansion of mammary cancer stem cells(2,8).
  • We showed endogenous c-Jun(5,9) and endogenous NFkB(2,8) enhance mammary CSC number.
  • We showed p21Cip1(4) and Dach1(6) restrain CSC number.  
  • We have defined the function of Dach1 in cell fate and as a candidate tumor suppressor 
  • We showed that the cyclin D1 gene is a target of the key stem cell regulatory factor Notch, in Pofut1-/- mouse embryos, in embryos with an inactivating mutation in Notch1(10) and Notch1-mediated transformation was dependent on cyclin D1(10).
  • We showed mammary gland targeted β-cateninmut induced mammary adenocarcinoma with increased cyclin D1 levels(11). These studies extended our molecular analysis of β-catenin and cyclin D1 studies in breast cancer(12-14).
  • We generated transgenic mice that regulate temporal and spatial control of activated Notch1 targeted to the mammary gland (Inducible Notch1IC) and developed mice in which endogenous Notch1 can be deleted from the mammary gland (Notch1fl/fl, MMTV-Cre)(15). Using floxed Notch (Notch1fl/fl) mice we showed ErbB2 induction of DNA synthesis, contact-independent growth, and mammosphere induction required Notch1 and the induction occurred via cyclin D1(15).
  • We recently define the role of the G protein coupled receptor CCR5 as a cancer stem cell marker.

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